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14 Jun 2016, 12:51
Andy Doddington (5 posts)

Hi, over the years, I have bought many books from pragprog - more than I’d care to tell my wife :-/ As a result, I occasionally get notified of vouchers that I can use for further purchases.

Unfortunately, being based in the UK makes these vouchers effectively unusable; why pay for the relatively slow and expensive postage from the USA to the UK, when I can get the same books free overnight from Amazon, using Amazon Prime? I appreciate that the UK is probably a relatively small market to pragprog, but it would be nice if you could apply your undoubted talents to come up with some solution.

Assuming the scheme is meant to reward loyalty and encourage future purchases, it would seem only fair if we Europeans could be included in the party ;-) I appreciate that Amazon purchases may reduce your profit margin slightly, but can’t believe that this is a significant factor (based on zero knowledge, of course).

08 Aug 2016, 15:00
Janet Furlow (8 posts)

Hi Andy:

We love our UK customers! Unfortunately, since we are a small company, we can’t absorb the shipping costs like other big companies do. We totally get what you are saying, but we had so many problems using other shipping options (undelivered, lost, returned), that we had to change to DHL for international shipping. Recognizing that you may find a more competitive price elsewhere, please know that we do extend the ‘combo’ discount on the eBook if you buy the print book from a local bookshop or another on-line bookseller. There are instructions in the back of each print book to get the discount on the eBook.

01 Sep 2016, 15:24
Andy Doddington (5 posts)

Thanks Janet, that all makes sense. I have now found the facility (not sure if it’s new?) that allows me to register paper copies that I have bought elsewhere with the pragprog site, using the usual “what’s the first word on page x” approach. This at least allows me to get free updates to the ebook form - with no postage costs obviously. I’m not sure if the vouchers give me reduced price on ebooks (I’d hope that they do) so this gives me a pretty good compromise solution.

18 Sep 2017, 04:27
Juliet Morgan (1 post)

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