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01 Sep 2016, 15:35
Andy Doddington (5 posts)

I have recently decided to commit to ebook for most of my books due to convenience/portability/storage of physical books. As a result, I have invested in a Paperwhite device. Most of my previous ebooks are in mobi format, which the pragprog site indicates as being the standard for Kindle.

The Amazon site here lists various others, some of which are available from pragprog (e.g. ePub). Are any of these noticeably better than mobi? I’ve got a lot of books to convert, but I am loath to spend time on this (and exhaust the pragprog gerbils) if there is no significant benefit.

01 Sep 2016, 16:52
Andy Doddington (5 posts)

Sigh :-( Maybe I should have read your FAQ, maybe not. It seems that, despite what Amazon say on their site, they do not support epub - at least not as generated by pragprog.

  • Mailing the pub document to my kindle e-mail address caused the mail to bounce with an error.
  • Physically copying the epub to my kindle directory under OS X caused the file to be ignored.
  • Running KindleGen on the epub file successfully converted it to a mobi, but this was no better (and more effort) than simply downloading the mobi file from the pragprog site.

Feeling stupid and annoyed - rarely a good combination :-(

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