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28 Nov 2017, 11:35
Erietreetrimmers (1 post)

We know how important it is to have a clear head and complete focus when handling a serious job such as tree trimming & tree removal – that’s we only refer work to the best of the best.

The last thing we want is to worry you. Rest assure that all of our referral companies are fully insured! So rather than taking the risk of hiring Joe Schmoe with a chainsaw to do the job, we’ll make sure that you get an actual tree technician.

Erie Tree Trimmers offers dependable referrals and is only a phone call away. If your trees look diseased or unhealthy; are in the way of structures or landscape; or are too old and present a safety hazard, don’t get frustrated or start taking chances with inexperienced tree cutters who might worsen the situation and cause damage to your property. Allow us to save you the headache, we’ll find a trustworthy tree stump removal erie pa technician to remove any tree with expertise.

SEE TREE PROBLEMS When you notice a damaged tree or limb that could potentially cause any harm or danger, it’s important to notify us right away to avoid any mishaps from occurring. This is especially important if the tree is on your property, since you’ll be liable.

TREAT TREE PROBLEMS Once we find out about a tree problem, our crew comes finds a professional to control the situation before it gets worse. All referrals are highly trained and fully insured so you can rest assure that they will get the job done safely and efficiently.

AVOID TREE PROBLEMS Avoid your current tree problem from becoming a larger one later on down the road. Accidents do happen and are time sensitive. Contact us and we’ll save the hassle of locating an emergency crew available 24/7 for those unexpected circumstances.

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