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14 Sep 2009, 13:53
Johannes Deutschland (18 posts)

Hey there, I just wanna start a discussion about the current layout design of PragProg books.

The current layout just make me loose the interest in reading it. I like reading books by Manning or Apress. I dont know what it is. Maybe someone feel the same way.

Also I find myself reading PragProg books just reading text. There a very less pictures to illustrate something. I would prefer more graphics.

Thanks again / Johannes :D

22 Jun 2010, 08:58
Seth Arnold (22 posts)

Funny, I’m normally annoyed trying to skim past the pictures in other books. :)

Where I think pragprog books could use more pictures is e.g. the ‘branching’ section of Pragmatic Version Control with Git. (The only picture is a screenshot of a Mac OS X three-way-merge program.)

What I would like to see from pragprog book graphics is the use of image scaling in the epub formats. More often than not, the graphic is either comically small or overruns the edges of my Sony Reader. If the graphics could just resize to fit the space available, that’d be a nice step. (Of course, small graphics might look ridiculous if they scale up too far, but more often than not I would like them scaled down.)

24 Mar 2012, 19:12
David Jhonston (1 post)

I agree book covers really do matter. Readers look at the front cover and the back cover and then quickly make buying decisions.And i think layout of PragProg books needs to be improve.

26 Mar 2012, 15:23
Katerina S. Schmidt (1 post)

That’s why I still buy books, though I start falling in love with my kindle

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