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05 Dec 2009, 16:56
Peter Vitting (3 posts)

When you start with a beta book, fx. The RSpec Book, it has many versions, chapters and topics and at this day just 130 threads. You bougth the book because you wanted to learn something and start reading and working with the example code - naturally you at some point run into some trouble that is serious hindrance for your further progress. You turn to this forum - maybe someone already has described a solution. The description of the problem though may be cloaked in many different formulations. This is a lot of searhing, and even futile, but still needs to be done as the DRY principle also applies to conversations - could we not have a thread organisation like the book, chapter by chapter and one or more for meta subjects. Possibility for tag filtering with book version and pervasive book topics will also be nice feature.

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