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27 Jan 2010, 17:20
Doug Hudson (5 posts)

I have started receiving spam to the email address I use solely for this site ( As much as I want cheap online drugs I wanted to know if this is a trend that I should start mitigating against.

27 Jan 2010, 23:35
Andrés Cirugeda Esco (1 post)

Same situation here. A couple of spam messages at the moment.

28 Jan 2010, 17:26
Andrew Hunt (227 posts)

We’ve had a number of similar reports in the last few days. We’ve investigated, and discovered that a company that we used to use to send out the weekly newsletter may have been compromised. We have not used this company for the last 5 months.

We have no evidence that our own servers have been attacked, and as far as we know the loss at this third party site is limited to email addresses alone.

The other company has not yet confirmed the loss of data. Once they have, and we know more details, we’ll post it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Andy & Dave

29 Jan 2010, 01:11
Doug Hudson (5 posts)

Thanks for the update Andy.

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