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08 Mar 2010, 21:24
Paul Richard Keeble (1 post)

I have a Sony PRS-300 eReader. Its great being able to get my books for my eReader, I get to carry many of my technical books with me. However I have some less than perfect behaviour with the two supported formats with either images or text which I’d really like to see fixed to make the experience better.

  • PDF: The problem with the PDF is that it renders the entire page on the screen at once, and when you zoom in it starts splitting words that are completely inappropriate to do so (like “move” where the “e” ends up on the next line). PDF’s are thus almost impossible to read zoomed out and very annoying to read zoomed in as words are split about every line. PDFs do however seem to have just about readable images, not great admittedly but I can normally read them.

The Sony PRS-300 does have a side ways mode and PDF books are more readable like that as the text is spread over 2 pages. The problem is that the bottom page tends to be filled with a lot of white space and footers and not a lot of content. In short PDF has a lot of wasted border space and headers + footers to be appropriate for the PRS-300 screen in either of its supported formats. PDF rendering is also sluggish on the device, especially when zoomed in or when the device is rendering side ways. It wouldn’t be so bad that the bottom screen contained 3 lines of text if I didn’t wait 10 seconds for it to appear.

  • ePud: The text flows beautifully on the ePud, its exactly what I want to see and it uses the screen space much better and the text is split just as I would expect. However the one quirk with it is that images are always completely unreadable. The text in images is so small it covers but a few pixels and no amount of zooming in seems to help at all. Turning the screen side ways shows that its not so much the eReader rendering the image too small but that the quality of the image seems to be very low fidelity. Sideways the text is big enough to read, but I still can’t read it as the image is showing as very pixelated.

What I guess I would like to happen is that the ePud images are improved and perhaps zoomed with the text. This would much improve the ePud reading experience on my eReader. But I guess another potential solution to my problem is to have a PDF with a smaller page/bigger text and no headers/footers and minimal borders. Really all I want is both my text and images to be workable from within one file, as right now critical images need to be viewed from the PDF, but I can’t cope with reading the PDF so I end up flicking back and forth from the ePud and PDF.

Does anyone know some tricks to get around the problem? Can PragProg help with a PRS-300 friendly format?

22 Mar 2010, 17:32
Dave Thomas (396 posts)

We rescale the images to a maximum width of 1024 pixels (it used to be 400, so you might want to download your epubs again). Beyond that, there’s not much we can do to control how the Sony displays images. They should at the very least display full width. On some readers, you can also select the image to zoom in on it.

So my recommendation would be to redownload an epub and try it again. If you’re still having a problem, email me a screenshot (

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