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21 Apr 2010, 01:43
Daniel P. McCarthy (2 posts)

I just picked up an iPad and wanted to get my stanza app all linked up with PragProg. The main problem I am having is that when I navigate to i don’t get the same page that I do on my iPhone. I made sure I have cookies enabled… Cleared all my cookies and cache and I still go to the main web page. I’m sure there’s an easy fix that I am missing… But any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Dan

23 Apr 2010, 16:55
Dave Thomas (396 posts)

Because the iPad screen is a full browser, I disabled that special iPhone menu for the iPad. I also assumed that most people would be reading their ePubs in Ibooks, rather than Stanza.

Is Stanza support important for you?


24 Apr 2010, 12:21
Karl Nyhus (1 post)

Does Stanza support make sense on the iPad? Now that Amazon owns Stanza, and that Amazon has updated their Kindle app for the iPad, and that iBooks does a good job of reading EPUBs on the iPad, why would Amazon go to the effort of updating Stanza? Personally I’m not holding my breath.

P.S. I like reading my PragProg technical books on the iPad as PDFs in the GoodReader app! (Novels on the iPad are still nice as EPUBs in the iBooks app.)

31 May 2010, 00:49
David Parry (8 posts)

Dave: I tried clicking on the “Download ePub” using the iPad and was given a screen asking which app to load it with, but iBooks was NOT listed as one of the options. Any idea what’s wrong here?

How do YOU load them onto your iPad?

An addition to the eBook FAQ is probably warranted…

31 May 2010, 01:00
David Parry (8 posts)

Karl: I’m also using GoodReader to view the PDF versions of the eBooks. I’ve gotta say, though, it’s UI could do with a bit of a cleanup. The ugly “blink” that occurs when moving to a new page is irritating, and it would be much nicer to either swipe or tap left/right for page turning.

Dave Thomas: I also tried adding ePubs to iBooks using the iTunes “File Sharing” facility, but there’s no way to add files to iBooks… they can only be added via iBooks, through Apple’s interface. Am I missing something and there is some way to add PragProg as a publisher/supplier to iBooks? iBooks’ Settings has only one control (tap left margin action)… I’m stumped.

31 May 2010, 01:30
David Parry (8 posts)

Okay, I’ve figured out how to load them into iBooks. I was looking in the wrong place: you can drag ePubs into the “Books” section of iTunes, not through the File Sharing section.

So, the only disadvantage of this, I’ll have to re-download all the ePubs I installed on my iPhone, as files on my mac, then load them into iTunes’ Books. And do that again if it gets updated.

I also discovered that the Kindle app has no facility to load .mobi files: there’s no “File Sharing” interface for it. And Safari refuses to download .mobi files. And, there doesn’t seem to be anyway to load PragProg mobis using the Kindle app.

Does anybody know of an ePub reader LIKE Stanza, where we can do in-app browsing of PragProg books for downloading/updating? Stanza for iPad would be ideal, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

04 Jun 2010, 05:54
Steve Lamotte (1 post)

Ok now there is an iPad version of Stanza. I would love to sync my iPad’s Stanza to my pragprog account… please make this happen!

04 Jun 2010, 18:34
Noel Rappin (49 posts)

I got it to work by browsing from the iPad directly to

22 Mar 2012, 05:10
accessprogram (1 post)

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