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07 Feb 2012, 19:47
djfox (9 posts)

Hello again! I wonder if you can insert a module (and if so, how) in the Application “The Depot Aplication” made in PHP, since I need to demonstrate that Ruby is a flexible and integrated with other languages, if so, I need information for introducing me to the topic since I’ve been several hours on the internet looking for information and have not found anything. Please I need to integrate even a simple code made ​​in PHP. I’m thinking something like a gallery or something like that (of course made ​​in PHP) and integrate the Application “The Depot Application” … Greetings!

02 Mar 2012, 17:48
Michael Ryan Soileau (5 posts)

The problem there is the server you’re using. If you’re running rails from the cmd line using “rails s”, then you’re running WEBrick as your server. Far as I know, WEBrick does not support PHP.

To do that, you need this:

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