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10 Mar 2012, 21:39
Nick Sandberg (1 post)

I started to get the apache server up, figured out I had a bunch of permissions wrong, fixed that, then all I showed was the public directory, somehow I eventually broke apache so badly that it is missing from my computer and I can’t find it after reinstalling it.

Passenger is telling me that I can’t remove: rm -rf ext/common/libboost_oxt.a ext/common/libboost_oxt rm: cannot remove ext/common/libboost_oxt/aggregate.cpp': Permission denied rm: cannot remove ext/common/libboost_oxt/aggregate.o’: Permission denied rake aborted! Command failed with status (1): [rm -rf ext/common/libboost_oxt.a ext/commo…]

these files which I can’t even find on my system. I really just needed to vent a little as this book has you install RVM at the very beginning but then for some reason during this whole deployment portion it seems to ignore all that stuff.

I need help removing apache and passenger and just starting over from scratch, but I have no clue how to get back there. I am running Ubuntu 11.10, any guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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