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17 Apr 2012, 01:55
Joselito De Sousa (2 posts)

Hi everyone, I’m doing the chapter 15 of this book, but in iteration J4 I have the follow error in application_html.erb: ActionView::Template::Error (uninitialized constant ActionView::CompiledTemplates::LANGUAGES):

this error is in the line: <%= select_tag ‘set_locale’, options_for_select(LANGUAGES, I18n.locale.to_s), :onchange => ‘this.form.submit()’ %>

And I dont know why?

Please I need help

Im using ruby 1.9.2 and rails 3.0.5

PD: forgive my english

21 Apr 2012, 16:26
Bill Dieter (2 posts)

I was getting exactly the same error after transferring my local copy to the server to try out. In my case, I had forgotten to add @config/initializers/i18n.rb@ and @config/locales/es.yml@ to version control. Once I added them to version control and pulled them over to the server, everything worked fine.

Hopefully, your fix is as easy.

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