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17 Apr 2012, 20:30
John Lane (6 posts)

Hi, just wondering if the paper book is now too out of date (given the syntactic changes in rails 3.2). Having had the second edition hard copy I’d like the current edition as an old fashioned tome in my hand but not if it’ll cause me too much confusion. Also wondering if there is a new revision or otherwise updated paper book due round the corner. Thoughts…?

I’m not wondering whether to buy the book; just if I should get the paper copy or only the e-book.

Also, if I were to buy it, it would be good to be able to take advantage of the bundles here rather than buying elsewhere. Do pragprog offer UK pricing or have a UK agent ?

Thanks, John

18 May 2012, 19:05
Kevin McCaughey (7 posts)

I’m using the 4th edition on paper and to be honest I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Because it is something that you type in / learn along with, I have my copy right below the keyboard and work on my screen as I read through the book.

Maybe it would work on Kindle too, but I find this best. I also have a kindle and normally don’t see much difference between the two, but in this case I don’t think you can beat having the real thing side by side.

Just MHO ;)

25 May 2012, 05:12
Carlos Rodrigues (2 posts)

Having the physical book is nice. I would still recommend the PDF though.

The physical book will not be updated as the edition is updated to keep track with Rails changes. I bought the book when it was still targetted towards Rails 3.0. Now we’re using Rails 3.2 and parts of the book needed to be rewritten. Luckily for me, I had bought the PDF as well, so I could just download the new PDF from the website at no extra fee.

26 May 2012, 18:46
John Lane (6 posts)

Thanks for your comments. Any word from the publishers on UK pricing/availability? I can go to but I don’t think the bundle pricing is available through that channel. Thx.

28 May 2012, 17:54
Dave Thomas (366 posts)


You can buy the paper from Amazon in the UK. Inside the back cover, there are instructions on how to get the ebook directly from us at the bundled price.

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