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22 Apr 2012, 12:48
Ingo Klemm (5 posts)

this is the second time that i got this problem:

I did all migrations and rake db:migrate:status gives:

Status Migration ID Migration Name

up 20120417113432 Create products up 20120419185421 Create carts up 20120419190550 Create line items up 20120420194318 Add quantity to line items up 20120420200254 Combine items in cart

But when I do rake test, the test complains about pending migrations…

…** Execute db:abort_if_pending_migrations You have 2 pending migrations: 20120420194318 AddQuantityToLineItems 20120420200254 CombineItemsInCart Run rake db:migrate to update your database then try again.

How to clean up this? How to avoid this in future.

Sorry, i am an newbie, so the answer might be simple.

26 Apr 2012, 20:29
Ingo Klemm (5 posts)

I don’t understand whats going on, but when i first run rake test:uncommited, this clears it up and after that i can run rake test without problems.

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