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25 Apr 2012, 21:10
Ravi Thinakkal (1 post)

I followed the steps in Chapter 16’s K2 task, but ‘cap deploy:migrations’ fails. I can see all the gems in the vendor/cache directory, but during the assets:precompile step, the process fails and pukes the following:

  * executing `deploy:assets:precompile'
  * executing "cd /home/ravi/depot.meshy/releases/20120425205957 && rake RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets assets:precompile"
    servers: ["depot.meshy"]
    [depot.meshy] executing command
*** [err :: depot.meshy] rake aborted!
*** [err :: depot.meshy] Could not find i18n-0.6.0 in any of the sources
*** [err :: depot.meshy] 
*** [err :: depot.meshy] (See full trace by running task with --trace)
    command finished in 726ms
failed: "rvm_path=$HOME/.rvm/ $HOME/.rvm/bin/rvm-shell '1.9.3' -c 'cd /home/ravi/depot.meshy/releases/20120425205957 && rake RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets assets:precompile'" on depot.meshy

I am using rvm 1.13 on both local and remote machines, and both are running ruby 1.9.3p194.


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