06 May 2012, 01:39

ty lacock (1 post)

Has anyone got this to work successfully? I can manage to get the app deployed but when I go to seed the DB it does not work and causes the app to fail. Also when I try to add a new product it also fails and I have to restart the eroku instance.

I know that Heroku does not play nice with SQLite but I wasn’t sure if there was any way around that, with by using Postgres or something. Thanks!

03 Dec 2012, 00:34

Matt Cushing (5 posts)

did you ever get this to work?

04 Jan 2013, 06:48

Alex Louden (1 post)

Check out this SO Q: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3897431/deploying-ror-app-to-heroku-with-sqlite3-fails

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