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04 Jul 2012, 10:38
Jeff Lim (9 posts)

hi folks. I believe a lot of folks may be skipping (or even missing!) that little message that clarifies what the “pdf page number” actually means. Just looking at some of the erratum that have been reported, it would appear that some folks didnt get their numbers right.

Could I suggest to do at least one of the following? - make the section of text clarifying the page number more eye-catching - have a javascript check to remind the user to read, and verify that he or she has gotten the correct pdf page number if the field is filled in before submitting the form

ALSO - the text says “If you’re reading a PDF, we’re looking for the page number that appears on the page. For newer PDFs, this is the same as the absolute page number, …”. Really? I have P2.2. And I’m reading it in Preview on the Mac, where it says ‘page 119 of 476’ (which I guess is the “absolute” page number!) - but the page number that appears on the pdf page is 101!

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