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03 Dec 2012, 00:33
Matt Cushing (5 posts)

I’m still in the midst of playing with the depot application, and I’m having some good luck with it. I’m going to continue building and working along with the book.

I had someone approach me saying they would like to have something like this built for them so they could start taking orders.

I scanned through the book quickly, but I didn’t see a way to move it to a host. He just wants the initial generation where it allows him to keep his catalog online. I did see the migration chapter, but that didn’t look like it was what I was looking for.

Is there a way for me to use github to store my depot code, and push it to his hosting company, bluehost? They do support Ruby and Rails.

Just an fyi, this isn’t something I’m doing for money, he just saw it and thought it would be handy for him to use, and for me to update as I got further with my app.

thanks, M@

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