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07 Apr 2013, 20:51
Neil Stoker (2 posts)

I think I’ve missed something fairly obvious in getting the examples in the book working correctly.

The sidebar is not displaying at the left hand side, and the products listing has a green background, not the way it is shown in the book.


The code I have is here “my github”:

07 Apr 2013, 21:47
Sam Ruby (634 posts)

The biggest thing is that you need to rename application.css to application.css.scss in app/assets/stylesheets (see instructions on page 97).

You also need to download the images (see intructions on page 69).

I also noted a small typo in the application css stylesheet: #7d should be #77d

09 Apr 2013, 11:37
Neil Stoker (2 posts)

Thanks Sam, I was about to post that I eventually worked it out, and found your comment!

It only took me 2-3 hours today to work out where I’d gone wrong!

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