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14 Aug 2013, 13:01
Cedric Winbush (2 posts)

I am about to purchase the Rails 4.0 version. Will there be any reason to also have the 3.2 version. I am very new to Rails but not completely new to programming. Are there nuggets that can be gleaned from 3.2 that is not in the 4.0 version.


14 Aug 2013, 16:04
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Unless you are intending to develop or maintain a Rails 3.2 application, the Rails 4.0 book should be sufficient - the parts that have been removed or replaced are ones that have been removed, deprecated or are no longer applicable to Rails itself. One possible exception is Active Resource, but for all practical purposes jbuilder (which is now by default included as part of new Rails applications, starting with Rails 4.0) has addressed much of that need.

15 Aug 2013, 14:18
Cedric Winbush (2 posts)

Thank you. Purchased and already started reading 4.0 looking forward to learning!

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