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16 Aug 2013, 08:51
kevin jiang (2 posts)

i am a beginner in ruby and rails. when reading the 1.1 Installing on windows of this book. i met the following errors, Could anyone tell me where i am wrong?

C:\Users\ThinkPad>gem install sqlite3 Successfully installed sqlite3-1.3.7-x86-mingw32 Installing ri documentation for sqlite3-1.3.7-x86-mingw32

No definition for libversion

Enclosing class/module ‘mSqlite3’ for class Statement not known C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/rdoc/rdoc.rb:280: warning: conflicting chdir during anot her chdir block C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/rdoc/rdoc.rb:287: warning: conflicting chdir during anot her chdir block Done installing documentation for sqlite3 after 2 seconds 1 gem installed

16 Aug 2013, 09:22
kevin jiang (2 posts)

I also met the error below when installing rails. are there any other approachs to install it?

C:\Users\ThinkPad>gem install rails ERROR: Could not find a valid gem ‘rails’ (>= 0), here is why: Unable to download data from - Errno::ETIMEDOUT:

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