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21 Oct 2013, 20:26
Hunt Norment (4 posts)

I could not find this in the book or as a Play Time challenge, but I’m wondering if someone could advise me on how to make the following use case the best user experience:

  1. I’ve added items to the cart
  2. I go the NEW ORDER form, but decide I want to either keep shopping or cancel my order all together.
  3. I can add a <%= link_to ‘Cancel Order’, …. %> to the order form that takes me back to the store and keeps the cart in tact.
  4. Is there a better use case than this? Seems kind of clunky. For example, is it better to RESTfully update or delete the order from within the New Order View?

Has anyone tried this? Would make for a nice Play Time exercise.

Thanks in advance.