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09 Jun 2010, 16:00
Robert K (4 posts)

I know that my reader is a “budget” model, but I’m cheap and I love this device. But this is a general problem with browsers too: code in a @pre@ tag overflows the layout unless told to scroll. As far as I know the PRS-300 cannot scroll.

So, could the ePub file get generated with a @code@ tag instead of a @pre@ tag? This way the whitespace will be preserved, but wrapped on smaller readers.

Thanks, Robert

13 Jun 2010, 11:12
Seth Arnold (21 posts)

Oh cool! Thanks for posting this; I hadn’t realized that @pre@ and @code@ were handled so differently. It’s been on my todo-list for six months to figure out how to make the pragprog epubs display well on my prs-505. This one piece of information alone makes the project worth while. :)

15 Jun 2010, 00:06
Robert K (4 posts)

No problem.

Though it would be convenient if the epub generator were updated so that future editions behave this way.

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