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14 Jun 2010, 01:11
Alexander (15 posts)

I really like your new book on rails 3, but would really like to see more details about installation. For example, using rvm to manage ruby and rails version as they keep updating. Any chance you may have this included in the book? Thanks, Alex

14 Jun 2010, 13:38
Sam Ruby (634 posts)

I’m planning on covering rvm later in the book (the working title for the chapter where I’ve included a placeholder for rvm is “Replacement Parts”).

I’m a big fan of rvm and use it heavily myself. My concerns about discussing it earlier are twofold: first I’m not yet convinced this is a topic that is essential for novices to master. Second, rvm itself continues to evolve rapidly and I find that as I upgrade there often is something new and different that I need to adapt to. Note: there is no question that these changes are improvements, my concern is documenting how to use rvm when it seems likely that by the time all this shows up in print it will be out of date and not helpful.

Additionally, rvm is not available for Windows. Pik (until four days ago) did not appear to be as aggressively maintained.

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