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15 Jun 2010, 16:05
Brandon Greeley (2 posts)

Hey everyone,

I’m interested in picking up the beta e-book, but I’m digging through the table of contents and I don’t see anything explicit about upgrading to Rails 3 from Rails 2.3.x. For those who have read the e-book so far, is there anything about this in the book? If so, how detailed is it?

Thanks in advance, Brandon

15 Jun 2010, 16:35
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Given the extent of the changes, the book does not attempt to provide upgrade information.

If you have an existing Rails 2.x application, one thing the Rails Core team endorses is rails_upgrade which will give you lots of helpful tips. (Note: I haven’t tried it).

Further information can be found in in this thread.

15 Jun 2010, 16:37
Brandon Greeley (2 posts)

Cool. Thanks for the quick response.

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