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21 Jun 2010, 22:49
Malcolm Arnold (21 posts)


I run the first command below at the very bottom and get a successful install. I run the 2nd command and get the following error after being notified that many parts install successfully. The installation finishes or terminates with this error(not sure which). I should mention that I am notified that 24 gems are successfully installed and this error occurs during the Installing RI documentation phase of:

Installing ri documentation for activerecord-3.0.0.beta4… ERROR: While executing gem … (Errno::EINVAL) Invalid argument - ./<cdesc-<.yaml

Reference in book:

Now install the ruby bindings to SQLite3, and the Rails beta itself: gem install sqlite3-ruby gem install rails –pre

21 Jun 2010, 23:12
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

It looks like there is a (minor) bug in Rails 3.0.0.beta4 that prevents the interactive reference documentation from being formatted properly. I presume that this will be corrected in the next beta of Rails. Meanwhile, this problem will not pose any problems.

Note: one difference between beta 4 (the latest beta) and beta 3 (the one that the current beta of this book is based on) is that you will need to add a new parameter when you create an application, for example: rails new demo and rails new depot.

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