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22 Jun 2010, 15:30
Malcolm Arnold (21 posts)

In the post, I have a question and cross post an answer Sam was gracious enough to give me on another question regarding the same page(in case someone searches for it).

On page 34, it says(see quote below). Are we supposed to create a directory called work? And if so, how? I gathered that we were and used: “mkdir work”. Also, it would be nice to have sentence or two detailing file management, where should this directory go(examples C:\work or C:\rubylearning\work) thus making it easier to find code later.

At the bottom, I post an answer Sam gave regarding this page and an error due creating a rails file using “rails demo” and beta 4.

To create your first Rails application, pop open a shell window, and navigate to a place in your filesystem where you want to create your application’s directory structure. In our example, we’ll be creating our projects in a directory called work. In that directory, use the rails command to create an application called demo. Be slightly careful here—if you have an existing directory called demo, you will be asked whether you want to overwrite any existing files. (Note: if you want to specify which Rails version to use (as described in Section 1.4, Choosing a Rails Version, on page 27), now would be the time to do so.) rubys> cd work work> rails demo create create README create .gitignore”

Sam’s answer:

Note: one difference between beta 4 (the latest beta) and beta 3 (the one that the current beta of this book is based on) is that you will need to add a new parameter when you create an application, for example: rails new demo and rails new depot.

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