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27 Jul 2010, 09:31
Robert Batzinger (1 post)

In the first examples of building migrations rails generate … was used. I am running Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 2.3 and under these condition this only succeeds in creating a new rails application by the name of generate. When I use the older ruby script/generate … the commands work. Will this be a major difference for rails 3? You probably should have some comment about this in the book.

27 Jul 2010, 11:00
Sam Ruby (634 posts)

This edition is specific to Rails 3.0. If you intend to follow along with this book, I strongly recommend that you don’t skip chapter 1.

Yes, the commands used will be a major difference. One of many, I’m afraid.

As an indication of the scope of the differences, I’ve been maintaining a list of the changes required to get the instructions in edition 3 to work with Rails 3.0. But in many ways, that’s just the beginning. Yesterday, I posted an overview of the changes between Rails 2.3 and Rails 3.0.

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