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23 Aug 2010, 22:53
Richard Schneeman (3 posts)

Hey, I just wrapped up my semester long Ruby on Rails class over at UT. While teaching the class I filmed the presentations and put them up on my blog . The presentations follow the book’s topics in TOC order. All code and examples for the presentations either from my own libraries or from attributed sources in the presentation.

If you know anyone going through the book and learning rails for the first time I would appreciate any feedback on slide contents, presentation skills, etc.

The students really enjoyed the class, and loved this version of the book. I especially appreciated incorporating tests into the work flow instead of putting it as a separate chapter towards the end.

Thanks for the awesome tome of getting started that is this book, and I thanks ahead of time for any constructive presenting criticisms.

09 Sep 2010, 19:28
Joost Saanen (6 posts)

This is awesome. Great work!

09 Sep 2010, 23:56
Andrew de Andrade (16 posts)

I also agree that incorporating tests into the flow of the book was an improvement. In fact, I think that tests could be taken a bit further by challenging the reader to write the entire application as TDD as possible, i.e. asking the user to write any and all tests before implementing a feature. There should also be links to the site where users share their test code.

04 Oct 2010, 02:00
Aston J (18 posts)

Nice work Richard, I haven’t finished the book yet (waiting for the gold version) but it was helpful watching your presentations as it’s always nice to have a real world view about the topic.

Can you tell us more about the class - apart from these presentations, what else did you do?

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