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13 Sep 2010, 11:29
Tom Tessier (4 posts)


We have a nice RoR app working on a Windows development platform with Webrick. In deploying on SuSE Enterprise Server for the first time, all the descriptions I find on-line for Apache are for fastCGI running RoR. In the book this is mentioned in the index but not in the deployment section. Is this coming up?

Is Passenger just so much easier/faster/more efficient/scaleable that no one would want to use fastCGI anyway?

(Note, I would not have brought this up in the first place if fastCGI was able to work on our SuSE Enterprise Server installation in the first place. I used to use RedHat and was forced to SuSE by a “corporate decision” and just find the support site so mixed up with the other Novell products that it can take an hour or more to find answers, if you find them at all. There is no ability to download singe packages like with RedHat, you are forced to download an entire DVD if you just want one file. No mention of Passenger in SuSE Enterprise-land, as far as I could tell, either. One thing I learned about SuSE Enterprise is do NOT mix open-SuSE libraries with the Enterprise installations, you’ll break it.)

13 Sep 2010, 14:48
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Is Passenger just so much easier/faster/more efficient/scaleable that no one would want to use fastCGI anyway?</blockquote>

The short answer is: yes.

A longer answer:

The first edition of this book recommended FastCGI.

The second edition of this book recommended Mongrel, and noted Lighttpd as the thing to watch. In fact, it went so far to say “FastCGI is a rocket that sometimes blows up in strange ways on the launching pad”.

The third edition of this book recommended Passenger.

This edition continues to recommend Passenger. If I were to add anything, I might mention Unicorn as a thing to watch.

All in all, there are a lot of good options, but I still consider Passenger current best practice, and would recommend that you avoid FastCGI.

14 Sep 2010, 02:51
Bharat Ruparel (148 posts)

Sam, JRuby is a sound deployment alternative especially in Java shops. Bharat

22 Sep 2010, 12:08
Crooksey (1 post)

Having used Passenger + Mongrel, I can say that Passenger is far more flexible and faster. And If I was writing my own book I would be recommending Passenger.

I have just purchased the 4th edition after my 1st edition was getting a little worn :)

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