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07 Oct 2010, 00:35
Bill Farrell (2 posts)

Hi PragProg,

In the Beta version of Agile Web Development with Rails, on page 98 in the Application.html.erb file you have the lines Depot <%= stylesheet_link_tag :all %> <%= javascript_include_

I’ve copied the depot.css to my depot/public/stylesheets/ subdirectory and yet the app can’t seem to find the depot.css stylesheet. I’ve also tried: stylesheet_link_tag “depot” and stylesheet_link_tag “scaffold”, “depot” but nothing I do finds the stylesheet. When I change the title from Depot to AnthingElse the change appears on the page so I know the application.html.erb file has been found but….no stylesheet!

I’m running Rails 3.0 on Ruby 1.9.2 all on a Windows XP, SP2 machine made by Dell

Can you help???

Thanks in advance, Bill (newbie)

Bill Farrell

07 Oct 2010, 16:59
Bill Farrell (2 posts)

Never mind, never mind. It was a newbie mistake (you all knew that, of course…). For posterity I’ll note down my error here. At the top of my file, index.html.erb, I had:

<div id="product_list"></div>
rest of html here....

Uncle Bill says: “Never do that, it can lead to newbie mistakes!!”. Thank you Dave and David (and Andy) for putting up with all this &^%&^%#$^%$# (stuff)

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