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20 Oct 2010, 01:26
Denny Ferrassoli (2 posts)

Task D, Page 135

I get the following after running rake test:functionals

1) Error: test_should_create_line_item(LineItemsControllerTest): NoMethodError: undefined method line_items' for 980190963:Fixnum app/controllers/line_items_controller.rb:45:in create’ /test/functional/line_items_controller_test.rb:21:in test_should_create_line_item' /test/functional/line_items_controller_test.rb:20:in test_should_create_line_item’

I’ve double checked my files and can’t find any differences.

20 Oct 2010, 01:42
Denny Ferrassoli (2 posts)

Sorry didn’t realize I had an old version of the book.

Looked at the latest version and saw that current_cart in the application controller needed to return cart within the rescue.

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