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12 Jan 2011, 18:34
Ariel (1 post)

Hello everybody. I have few questions.

  1. Firstly, I’ve been wondering for a while - Does the book explain about the ruby basics expect of the rails concepts? I am a complete begginer (Of ruby, and programming pretty much, though I do have a background) - Will the book cover, even very roughly, the ruby principles?

  2. My second question is about the content of this beta book. I really hate ebooks - And I wanna start rails with this book. Since it’s pretty close to the book release date - will the content be alot different than the final version? I’m NOT talking about spelling mistakes and grammar stuff. I am talking about the ruby material and programming stuff. Will it be greatly different than the final version? In other words - Should I really wait, or can I buy it now?

That’s it, I guess. Thanks in advance, Ariel.

12 Jan 2011, 20:18
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Chapter 4 is an covers the Ruby concepts and syntax necessary for you to understand the rest of the book. It is not an introduction to programming — it presumes that you already know a language like Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl or Python. It is not a complete reference for Ruby — again it just covers enough to make the rest of the book understandable.

This edition is essentially done with the exception of copy edit, layout, and errata. If there are changes that affect beta users, these will either be listed in the Changes section of the beta, or will be posted to this forum.

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