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02 Feb 2011, 14:41
Stuart J Nettleton (7 posts)

Hello, I had the ability to destroy orders which suddenly disappeared - for example, from the index of Orders a click of Destroy now results in a Show. I have used the console to delete all orders (eg Order.delete_all), lineitems and carts, as well as restarted the server, browser & even the computer (linux). Also, I have rechecked the order, lineitems and carts files are current to depot_v. Products now cannot be destroyed either. Has anybody got an idea about what to do? Many thanks, Stuart

09 Feb 2011, 23:39
Stuart J Nettleton (7 posts)

This is fixed now. It arose due to my use of topup, which on reading the homepage requires the correct sequence of loading topup (relying on jQuery) and Prototype. I also tried replacing Prototype with jQuery as suggested in “Agile Web Development with Rails” but found more trouble with wysihat not working. This caused me to experiment with different forms of destroy and delete, hence the problem above. In the end I reverted to Prototype and the following sequence in @app/views/layouts/application.html.erb@, which now works well:

<%= javascript_include_tag "", :defaults, 'wysihat_engine_pack' %>

Subsequently I discovered that wysihat uses Prototype. Thanks, Stuart

08 Feb 2011, 23:30
Stuart J Nettleton (7 posts)

An addendum for the record, the installation of wysihat-engine (0.1.13) needs a small fix in @vendor/plugins/wysihat-engine/lib/generators/@ to include @self@

  def self.next_migration_number(dirname) #:nodoc:
    "%.3d" % (current_migration_number(dirname) + 1)
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