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07 Feb 2011, 16:20
Augusto Rodriguez (9 posts)

Dear All,

I’ve the depot app in github in case anyone wants to check any of the iterations. I’ve done at least one commit per chapter to track the changes.

I’ve also managed to deploy the app to a VM running Turnkey Rails. I had a few problem doing this step as Turnkey comes with ruby 1.8.7 and rails 2.3.8, and I was using Ruby 1.9.3p136 and Rails 3.0.3. I’ll try to post latter the changes I had to do in order to have all the needed software updated / installed. I think this part was quite interesting, as it showed me how “difficult” is to keep one’s environment in sync with a server, specially since some gems are custom built for the environment (the mysql gem as one example).

Cheers, a.

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