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19 Feb 2011, 15:22
Dante Tsang (2 posts)

Hi everyone,

I am reading and practicing the task J3. I found that I can’t produce same result as the author did. In the figure 5. Ready to take your money — in spanish, those model attribute labels are in spanish. But what I got is in english except those we have explicitly mapped to language file.

Is it a error of book?

Thanks a lot.

25 Jul 2011, 11:46
dot baiki (6 posts)

I agree, screen-shots are not correct, and on page 219 where is written: “Note that there is no need to provide English equivalents for this, because…” is in my case not true. I had to do the same in “en.yml” as well. Quite confusing. ~~~ errors: template: body: “There are problems with the following fields:” header: one: “1 error has prevented this %{model} to be saved” other: “%{count} errors have prevented this %{model} to be saved” activerecord: models: order: “order” ~~~

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