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26 Feb 2011, 06:03
Shannon Smith (2 posts)


Complete newbie here. I made some pretty bad mistakes and can’t seem to get git working for me. Rather than start again is it possible to just start from section depot_o?

Thanks for your help


27 Feb 2011, 17:16
Steve Castaneda (11 posts)

Learning to use git while developing is very crucial, in my opinion. I would highly recommend you work out the problems you have so that you can use it while coding.

I make tons of coding mistakes too, and love to try new things and git is an invaluable tool here for not messing up my work that I know is properly functioning.

27 Feb 2011, 19:58
Shannon Smith (2 posts)

Steve. I know you are completely right and I’m try to get my head around git….. but if anyone has answer to the above that would be great.

Cheers Shannon

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