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07 Mar 2011, 16:26
Brennan Knotts (1 post)

I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. Things I’ve tried.

-Restarting my local server -Clearing Chrome’s cache and restarting

Also, I’d appreciate it if anyone can tell me how, in the future, I can go about fixing browser-specific, javascript issues. Are there specific sites you look to for browser quirks?

Thanks, Brennan

07 Mar 2011, 16:57
Steve Castaneda (11 posts)

Is there anything popping up in development.log when the error occurs?

14 Mar 2011, 01:35
Vern Martin (5 posts)

What version of Chrome are you using? What type of system are you running Chrome on?

19 May 2011, 01:13
Joel Stanford (1 post)

I’m having a similar problem. After adding the AJAX cart to the sidebar on the front page (Store Controller), it works perfectly well in Firefox, but it’s not triggering the JavaScript when running in IE 9. Even worse, everytime you hit the “Add to cart” button in IE9, it adds 2 copies of the book.

I guess I’ll try to copy in all the code from the download and see if it’s something that I did; I’ve been typing everything by hand so far and adding in all of the suggestions at the end of each chapter.

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