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08 Mar 2011, 13:19
ubique (11 posts)

Following this book’s examples, it puts the shopping cart in the left sidebar and it updates accordingly when ‘add to cart’ is selected. At the bottom there is a ‘checkout’ button which takes the user directly to the payment page, this is not standard practice for any e-commerce site I have used recently.

I am looking to keep the sidebar with the products in - but when the user clicks the button they are taken to a ‘basket’ page where they can remove/add some products plus see the total + shipping charges & then click ‘checkout’ and then be directed to the payment page. Anyone know how to achieve this?

08 Apr 2011, 10:44 (5 posts)

have you tried creating a new page for the basket page then changing the link on the “checkout” button to direct to that page? then in the controller put in some form of code that recognises and displays the items that are in the basket, mix this with a destroy button to remove items that are no longer wanted?

I know I haven’t given you any code but that’s how I’d do it, i’ll give it a go and post up the codes i use if i get it working.

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