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08 Mar 2011, 12:58
Sylvain Bellino (3 posts)

I am at page 251. It says to push the project to the master repository. There is no error but the depot.git folder does not seems to contain the project. And after that you ask us to do capify, but where? The main repo is keeping the files “somewhere” so in the SCM server i do not know where is my rails project. Am i supposed to do that on my dev machine?

Currently i have :

1> my ubuntu with my rails project on my workstation

2> my server with the apache folder with the project gitified, from this folder i pushed the project to the git/depot.git folder

3> the same server with the depot.git folder that seems huge (1.2M) but the project is not inside it.

In “deploying the application remotly” It says the code is on the SCM, but where? In the depot.git folder? How can i use “capify.” in that folder?

10 Mar 2011, 10:57
Sylvain Bellino (3 posts)

I found the solution, everything had to be done from the developpement point of view. My app is now correctly deployed but one small problem remain, The project is deployed in current with 770 where it should be 755. The permissions of the dev folder are not the one used after deployment. How can i tell to capistrano to deploy with 755 permission ?

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