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30 May 2011, 14:56
Andrew Gellene (33 posts)

Even before I make the changes with “rails generate migration combine_items_in_cart” page 132 - my cart looks like the figure in 10.1? Can someone please tell me what “error” I am fixing with this rails generate command?

In other words my cart never looks like figure 10.2 why fix it?

12 May 2012, 05:49
Xu Renjie (2 posts)

See it here.

19 Jun 2012, 12:31
Andrew Gellene (33 posts)

I think I have the answer to my own question in case others are as slow as me to get what is going on here. Its the database we are fixing here. The code before this migration will just stick rows of data in the database like this:

Coffee Script 1 Coffee Script 1 Coffee Script 1

Even though in the view it looks like this:

3 x Coffee Script

We want the line item in the database to show

Coffee Script 3

Is this right?

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