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02 Jun 2011, 02:04
Nathan Guo (1 post)

I’m having issues with having the AJAX refresh the partial cart. I have done some tinkering on the side including some different model names, but up through iteration F1, all functional tests are working

I’ve gone through all prior steps including F2. When I click the ‘Add to Cart’ button, nothing happens. When I check the server log, I see the below:

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined local variable or method ∩╗┐page' for #< #<Class:0x44c7690>:0x44c59b0>): 1: ∩╗┐page.replace_html('team', render(@team)) app/views/members/create.js.rjs:1:in block in app_views_members_create_js_rj s__908569197_36044628_807066544’ app/views/members/create.js.rjs:1:in _app_views_members_create_js_rjs___90856 9197_36044628_807066544' app/controllers/members_controller.rb:47:in create’

Here are the contents of my create.js.rjs: page.replace_html(‘team’, render(@team))

Clearly the format.js within the line_items_controller and the :remote=>true addition in the store/index are working as it has found the create.js.rjs. However it seems like it’s having trouble processing the js.rjs. It looks like it’s processing page oddly as it has a bunch of funky symbols.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

11 May 2013, 11:49
vaibhav nadgonde (3 posts)


I am facing the same issue and do not know what to do.

Kindly help please vaibhav