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31 Aug 2011, 19:16
Daniel Fort (3 posts)


I’ve already bought this book(printed version) (not from this account) and the question is: should I buy it again or I can get updated eBook/printed version?


31 Aug 2011, 20:18
Sasha (2 posts)

You can upgrade your purchase (from printed version) to bundle for another 10 bucks. You can then download the newly updated pdf version of the ebook.

Now if we purchased the ebook format only, the upgrade would have been free. This is a bummer…

05 Sep 2011, 04:39
Dave Thomas (396 posts)

Well, the update is to the ebook, not the paper book (there is no release of the paper for 3.1, at least not yet). So, whatever you do, if you want the updated content, you’ll need the ebook. If you bought it a while back, you get the update for free. If you buy it now, you get the updated version. Not sure where the bummer comes in,.


16 Oct 2011, 17:40
Christian (4 posts)

Hi there!

Could you show me where I can upgrade my purchase from printed to bundle? I just bought the book without checking this website before and was wondering if this is still possible.

Thanks for your replies!

Edit: Found it. You can register your book when you are signed in and get the upgrade. Great service!

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