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19 Sep 2011, 01:17
Ricardo Rodriguez (4 posts)

I worked through the point of deploying my Ruby on Rails application to my local Apache server, as well as using “rake” to create my app’s database in MySQL, i.e. using the database.yml file, etc.

This all seemed relatively easy.

However, I’m scratching my head wondering what is the best tool to migrate the “data” I’ve created for my application in SQLite3 to MySQL.

The book does not explain this process, nor does it recommend any tools for doing so, unless I’ve missed that somewhere.

I’d appreciate anyone’s feedback on how I can move my data over, outside of manually entering the data in the new MySQL database.

20 Sep 2011, 14:38
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Typically the development, test, and production databases are kept separate. Only the seed data is common between development and test.

If you want to copy data between databases, you might find the yaml_db plugin to be helpful.

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