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19 Sep 2011, 02:00
Jordan MacDonald (2 posts)


I’m following along with the latest version of this book (Rails v3.1) and there are huge discrepancies between what’s appearing in the book and what’s included in the code download archive.

A good example of this is exercise 8.2 Iteration C2: the application.html.erb file doesn’t match what’s available in the archive.

Furthermore, there are no assets in the app/ directory, in any of the depot examples.

Bogus! Can someone please update the archive?

19 Sep 2011, 05:53
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

Bogus is a little harsh :)

I’ve just refreshed the code bundle up on the server—try it now.

19 Sep 2011, 11:20
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Jordan, please verify that you are looking in the rails31 directory.

Check the README-FIRST file in the code directory for more information. Also check the “How to Read this Book” section in the introduction. Finally, each of the links of the book start with “rails31/”. Click on these links to see the correct file.

19 Sep 2011, 16:29
Jordan MacDonald (2 posts)

Whoops, I guess I’m the bogus one. ;)

Thank you both for your help; that README was one of the few I’ve seen that’s actually been useful. Go figure it’s the one I don’t read.


20 Sep 2011, 12:09
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

You certainly were not the only one to miss this, so we are taking steps to improve the situation. Dave Thomas has already updated the tgz and zip files to push the rails30 directories down into a parallel structure, and has implemented redirects on the web server to ensure that no links were broken.

I’m doing some more testing, and when done will update the README to match the new directory structure.

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