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23 Oct 2011, 11:36
Jimmy Casey (4 posts)

I keep getting 2 errors for the code on page 81. I’ve compared my code with the books code and they both are the same. What is the difference between Fail and Error and can I go ahead in the book? Or will these errors just cause more pain ‘down the road’. Here is part of the part I am getting:

test_should_update_product ERROR unknown attribute: prices STDERR:

Exception ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError' at '...active_record/base.rb:1747:in block in assign_attributes’

test_should_create_product is the other error. Both of them I added @update variable to so it might be something to do with that?

========================================================= pass: 5, fail: 0, error: 2 total: 7 tests with 7 assertions in 0.828588909 seconds =========================================================

thanks, jc

24 Oct 2011, 01:44
Jimmy Casey (4 posts)

I backed up my copy and took the source code from the book and placed in the files that was giving me errors and that solved the issue. It must of been some type of syntax error but couldn’t find it to save my life. :D Thanks, jc

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