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26 Oct 2011, 07:46
Kingston Sew Eng Hock (7 posts)

Under section 1.5 Setting up your development evironment > The Desktop, it says “We also want to keep an eye on the logging thats generated by the application, so we keep a terminal window open. In it, we use tail -f to scroll the contents of the log file as it’s updated.”

I am a little confused on how this is done. Do you mean the terminal windows which you use to run ‘rails server’? or do you use a terminal to access the ‘development.log’ file?

Ultimately, how is this done? Specifically please.

Thank you.

26 Oct 2011, 16:46
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

In a new terminal window, first change directory to the same directory in which you started your server, and then type the following command:

tail -f log/development.log

Then access your application from a web browser. You should see log messages scrolling by in the terminal window in which you are running the tail command.

Note: the tail command is not typically provided with Windows.

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