05 May 2012, 16:44

Al Ankers (5 posts)

I understand why you suggest leaving this program running but it uses 99% of my CPU so when I quit Eclispe I can’t do anything else on my PC. Is there a way around this other than pressing the off/on button and starting over?

08 May 2012, 20:54

Al Ankers (5 posts)

Is this the wrong forum for this question. I’m not getting any responses.

08 May 2012, 21:05

Ed Burnette (1329 posts)

That’s not normal. I’ve never heard of an unkillable emulator before. I found these threads that may or may not help:

  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3165667/android-emulator-hang-up-and-impossible-to-quit
  • http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=21110

You could also try a different version of the emulator, either an older one or a newer one. The Android 2.2 emulator is the most stable one for me, and I’ve run everything from 0.8 through 4.0.3.

Another option is to use a virtual machine instead of an emulator. See:

  • http://dev.blogs.nuxeo.com/2011/10/speeding-up-the-android-emulator.html
10 May 2012, 01:36

Al Ankers (5 posts)

Thanks dude,

It took an hour or two to figure out how to install Android 2.2 emulator. There is nothing in the help system. It also took hours to find that the software did load and that I had to click on the screen to find the buttons.

Also I would caution against using the 4.0.3. After 40 years of programming I recognize a program that has a tight loop when I see it and the effects it causes. I made the poor assumtion that the newer version was the better option. It stills needs work. The 2.2 is running now with no adverse effects.

Again, Thanks for your help. It’s working.

Al Ankers

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