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01 Mar 2013, 11:53
mond mccaugheyray (2 posts)

Hi first post (be kind) On page 49 it asks you to define all your preferences in a resource called:


I do not have a file with this name do I have to create it? and if I do how? Thanks (again be nice, I know it is probably obvious)

01 Mar 2013, 12:15
Anthony Shaw (138 posts)

First thing is to create the xml folder, so right click on the res folder in your project and select New->Other…

Select Folder from the General section and click Next.

Enter the new folder name, xml, and click Finish.

Now create the settings.xml file, right click on the xml folder you just created and select New->Other…

Now make sure ‘Android XML File’ is selected in the Android section of the list and click Next.

Enter the full filename, settings.xml, in the Fild text box. Then select Menu from the list of resource types, and finally click the Finish button.

These instructions are for the Helios version of Eclipse but should be very similar for later version.

There that was not too painful was it :-)

02 Mar 2013, 17:55
mond mccaugheyray (2 posts)

Worked a treat, I was not using the general folder to create! thanks for your prompt reply.