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08 Jul 2013, 13:05
Rakesh C V (3 posts)
Sudoko Settings Hello world!

i have edited the above string.xml to the following code

Sudoko Settings Game Suduko Continue New Game About Exit

And i tried to run the program then i got the following error Z:\download\Important\Android_app\Sudoko\res\menu\sudoko.xml:3: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘title’ with value ‘@string/action_settings’).

08 Jul 2013, 15:57
Anthony Shaw (138 posts)

I think your code got a bit screwed when you posted it, try putting the <pre><code> around it as suggested by the Textile Formattingat the bottom of the page.

As far as the actual error goes, from the error message I would guess that you need to add a value for ‘action_settings’ to your strings.xml file.

09 Jul 2013, 11:29
Rakesh C V (3 posts)

thank u

i have posted a question on how to apply custom theme and also how to create it.(not the pre installed theme by android).

just help me out if possible


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