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01 Aug 2013, 18:47
Xiannong Meng (1 post)

I don’t seem to find the source for the project “Translate” that is discussed in Chapter 7.4. I downloaded the zip file from the book website recently and worked through most of the examples until the “Translate” project.

Any information would be much appreciated.

– Xiannong

Here is the list of examples I have from the zip file:

Audio Eventsv3 MyMap Sudokuv0 Suggest Wallpaper BrowserIntent Graphics OpenGL Sudokuv1 Touchv1 Widget BrowserView HelloAndroid samplevideo.3gp Sudokuv2 Touchv2 Eventsv1 LocalBrowser SensorTest Sudokuv3 Videov1 Eventsv2 LocationTest SQLite Sudokuv4 Videov2

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